Who Is In Control?

By: Ria Lucindo

My family recently had a weekend trip to New York City. My husband and I deliberated whether to drive around the city, spend most of the time in traffic and pay ginormous parking fees. Or whether to be adventurous, park the van at the hotel and take the subway with three kids around the city. We decided on the latter, and it is either we are very brave or very foolish. Major screaming fit shook Rockefeller Center. The busy noise at a packed subway seem to be tamer compared to the tantrums of my toddler. Needless to say, we are not doing that again soon.


We anticipated for what each of our kids might need for this extraordinary trip, especially the youngest. But it still did not go as well as we hoped. It actually reminded me of my 20-year-old self. I remember having all kinds of plans with all sorts of timetable. Everything was working out the way I wanted. The plan was effective, or so I thought. If something goes awry, I would instantly pray for God to fix it because after all, He is sovereign. In those moments I would be reminded of that truth. But in reality, I was doing things my way, trying to control everything and being my own mini-God. My plans were not His; my ways were my own.

I cannot always anticipate and plan for every single thing.


Fast forward to the present, and I am still learning to pray the way that Jesus Christ did, subjecting everything to the will of God. Also, somehow being a mother, there is always a reality check that I cannot always anticipate and plan for every single thing. Thankfully, I do not have to, especially when it comes to things that matter the most. My sovereign God sent my Savior before I even understand that I need saving. He has plans that include me from before time began. My rest lies in the fact that my future is defined by my identity in Christ and that is not of my own doing. By grace, I am His, and all my confidence stems from that truth. Responsibly, we are to plan and care for the future of our family who is lovingly entrusted to us. But what great joy it is to know that our dear Father is in control and not our weak, frail hands.