Who Are My Friends?

At times, how God planned for me to be where I am is so fascinating that it defies all understanding. Just as all the hairs in my head are counted, the friends that I have around me are planted at the right time, all serving a purpose. I’ve mourned over friends I had lost, relationships built over the years and gone in a second.
One trait I have inherited from my father is the love of being around friends. Laughter abounds, singing ensues in the smallest of get-togethers. There are friends I never really appreciated in the past, and there are those I have loved like a sibling. When God finally called me to follow Jesus; there were many friends who genuinely became ecstatic by my decision to do so. Friends who are on the same journey, one of them even said she has been praying for me for a long time that I may come to know Him. That, in of itself already shows you how He placed friends in my life who would have my best interest in their hearts even if I didn’t. Two of my very best friends planted seeds in my heart long before I knew it. Both of them showed up when I was in the hospital, years ago, prayed with me, prayed over me. Their love encompassed me when I needed it the most.


The phrase “Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” never resonated with me. I had no doubt that my friends’ personalities would not affect mine, until now. I have been blessed to really spend time with friends on the same path in the past few weeks, friends who lived far and took time to come be with us. Friends I haven’t seen in months, one family, decades. I noticed that every time, our chats centered on Jesus. On how wonderful it is to be embraced and engulfed by His words. The veracity of their faith shows in every dialogue we have. God has indeed afforded our family with friends who are going to be ushers as we take this walk with Him. Their knowledge cascades to us and reinforces our beliefs. Now I realize that some of the friendships I had in the past weren’t really anchored on anything but things of this world. I had become more appreciative of the conversations we have in our kitchen island than that of the previous years, conversations that build characters, conversations that enforce why following Jesus is the best thing I have done for me, and absolutely nothing beats that.

God has indeed afforded our family with friends who are going to be ushers as we take this walk with Him.


I pray to be one day a vessel of the same substance, one who could make an impact and have meaningful conversations with God as the center. These friends have no idea how much of a blessing they are in our lives. Truly, I thank God for them. Some of them had been in our lives forever, and others are new found family. All bring a level of love for God that helps us along this journey. I am no longer uncertain when I ask myself, who are my friends?


Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.” – 1 Corinthians 15:33
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AVA CABALZA is a new follower of Christ who is incessantly awed by what God has done for her and loves to share her most inner thoughts in this Reflection Blog. She works in Controls by day and becomes a baker, singer, cook, and carpenter at night. She has 3 kids, one of them with 4 paws. She’s married to the love of her life who never fails to make her laugh.

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One Response to “Who Are My Friends?”

  1. Jovy Rillera says:

    My heart filled with joy as I was reading your blog. Very inspiring. I am also glad to have met you and part of the people who prayed for you and your family. Indeed, we can never umderestimate the power of prayer. For when two or three gather in his name, he will be in our midst.
    All glory to God!

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