The Small Things

By:  Shiela Bernardo
Do not let the small compromises chip away at the structure of your integrity. This put things in perspective for me. Sometimes we may find ourselves justifying what we may think to ourselves as harmless misconduct. Even if you label your actions as trivial or insignificant, it will eventually weigh you down.


It’s easy to believe that we are measured up by the big decisions we make in our lives. But what counts are the small things you do right, even if no one is looking. You lay the foundation of your integrity one brick at a time. And to the same effect, it will come crashing down when you damage and weaken fragments here and there, until it can no longer stand firm.


Are you consistently late at work? Are you quick to utter white lies to save face or make it sound favorable on your end? Did you tuck your tithe back in your wallet for personal use because budget was tight? Do you say you will do something, but don’t deliver?


When we commit to do right by Him, he will convict us to keep right by Him.


When we scale our shortcomings, we can trick ourselves into believing they are acceptable. After all, others commit bigger and dumber mistakes that overshadow our small compromises. So we never feel the need to be repentant about them. True repentance is not only saying sorry, but committing not to turn back to your old ways. When we commit to do right by Him, he will convict us to keep right by Him.


Remember that one small wrongdoing piled up on top of another is enough to displace your peace. You know that something’s not right. Just because no one saw what you did, it doesn’t mean you can get away with it. There is nothing you do in secret that won’t get found out.


Any degree of sinfulness breaks His heart alike.


God knows the very motive of your heart. Any degree of sinfulness breaks His heart alike. But when we confess directly to Him, He lifts the heaviness from our hearts that we may not even realize we carry. Allow yourself to be enveloped with His grace that cleanses you internally. And you’re made new. Embrace this truth, because He is a God of second chances, and third, and fourth. Until you’re character is perfected to be more like Jesus.


If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. – 1 John 1:9
About The Author
Shiela Bernardo is the Communications Director for GSBC. She is inspired to write at the top of the morning before life & responsibilities rush in. She disguises as a Computer Developer/Programmer at a 9-5 job. And comes home to a happy family with her husband, a toddler, and a pitbull. She loves audio books, journaling, blogging. And is perpetually mystified by how people keep their house clean.  

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