His Strength – Not Mine

by:  Ria Lucindo For most families, summer is officially over, as schools opened and Labor Day behind us. It also means we are half-way through the year – a good time to visit those goals we made in January. As I visited mine, one assessment stood out – I am not where I need to be as a parent. Read more…

Financial Peace

It seemed far-fetched for my husband and me to feel peace about our personal finance at one point in our lives. When our household income was significantly reduced during the global financial crash of 2008, we continued on a standard of living we could no longer afford. We precariously operated in denial until we hit the wall. And I remember the feeling of defeat permeating, paralyzed by our circumstances.

Seasons Of Time

By:  Shiela Bernardo
There are things that only seasons of time can give clarity to. The outlook we held when we were younger could only develop with padded stratum of life experiences that lend us more wisdom and grace. How you feel in your 20’s about certain matters wouldn’t exactly remain the same in your 30’s. It constantly evolves. It changes drastically. And in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and so on – each chapter is a different story altogether. Read more…