He Is Sovereign

Who Is In Control?

By: Ria Lucindo

My family recently had a weekend trip to New York City. My husband and I deliberated whether to drive around the city, spend most of the time in traffic and pay ginormous parking fees. Or whether to be adventurous, park the van at the hotel and take the subway with three kids around the city. Read more…


By: Ava Cabalza
Forgiveness, what does that actually entail? I used to forgive with significant reservations, being very leery of what the person might attempt to do to hurt me again. In the past, when I don’t forgive, I never felt guilty. I justified my decision by recounting all the other times this person wronged me, whoever happens to be on the other side of that fence. At times, I don’t forgive merely because I don’t want to give the wrong impression and be called irresolute.

Read more…

Foremost or For Most?

By:  Lara Dela Cruz


Take a second, step back, and examine your life. Look closely at every detail and aspect of every thought, word, and action. Is God foremost in your life? Or is He there just for most of your life?

The Foundation of Fear

by:  Gio Lopez

Alright I’ll admit it: I don’t fully trust God with my future.  Phew, what a relief to get that off my chest.


It’s strange – though the vast majority of Christians I’ve ever met in life can empathize with fearing the future, I have found it rare for people to admit the root of their fears: a lack of faith. Read more…