Burst Of Colors

By: Shiela Bernardo
I eagerly wake up to a 4 a.m. dreamland and the moment I open my eyes I know I can tap into a sacred epicenter and have a flood of ideas rush over me as I write. I have creative freedom to render the song of my soul into a form that seals in its essence. I feel so alive when I find myself doing what I yearn to do, even just for a few hours at the top of my day.

Confidence In Times Of Uncertainty

By:  Alan Bernardo
Many days I catch myself thinking about the near future… mostly about how to provide for my family. I would love to give my wife and daughter whatever they ask for. But the reality is, it takes careful planning by way of budgeting. Nothing gives me more joy and satisfaction than seeing their faces light up when they get something; especially if it that something was what they really wanted. On the other hand, it tugs my heart to see and feel their expressions of slight disappointment as we justify why we can’t get something now. My wife and I know that we have to be wise in our decisions especially when it involves finances.