Paternal Leave

He Is Sovereign

Clock’s Ticking

By: Shiela Bernardo

Don’t we act sometimes like we have all the time in the world? Think of the ways we’ve wasted away our days doing nothing, or something you’re regrettably aware has no value. We allow laissez-faire mindset, unwilling to steer our actions with intention. And the days slip away from our hands and we’re no better for it, not an inch closer to our life’s goals. Read more…

Work is a Blessing!

by:  Pastor Jessie Arce
I just came back from the Philippines for the dedication of International Soo Jung Mission Center, a ministry dedicated to the Overseas Filipino Workers/Investors and to their families. For less than two weeks, my wife Mercy and I were moving from one place to another, passing well known traffic roads in Metro Manila, attending meetings after meetings, watching the construction of the center and making sure that it will be prepared on time for the dedication on June 4. Read more…