Make Room For Jesus

by: Eric Ladson


In this holiday season, we might have more worries about finding the perfect gifts and less concern of making room for our Savior, Jesus.  Since Jesus knocks at our hearts daily, let us examine if there’s space for Him.  There are frantic preparations made for holiday celebrations but are we preparing ourselves to simply tell Jesus, “There’s no room here”?  Where can Jesus rest and dwell within us?   Read more…

Goodbye For Now


It was the first time that I’ve ever seen someone pass away right in front of my eyes. I was at my father-in-law’s bedside along with our family when he took his last breath. The color drained out of his body from his crown. He had sweat profusely and then turned cold in an instant. Then the nurse said that he was gone. Read more…

Paternal Leave


By: Pastor Daniel Vaughan
This past week was such a blessing to be able to go to Texas and celebrate my brother’s graduation and visit with longtime friends; however, in my eyes it didn’t start off to well. It was late Friday night (June 19
th) that I got the news that my flight the next morning from Baltimore to Dallas was canceled. Read more…

Wake up: The Importance of a Strong Prayer Life

By:  Eric Ladson
“….stay here and keep watch with me”
Matthew 26:38
That’s from our Lord Jesus Himself.  He wanted the inner-circle disciples (Peter, John and James) to join Him as He prayed at the midnight hour in the Garden of Gethsemane.  What did Jesus find after He returned from praying?  He found the very elect, inner-circle disciples fast asleep.  Jesus wanted to teach an important spiritual law in practice…the Law or Principle of Agreement (Unity).  Along with praying, being in agreement with the saints increases the power of our prayers. Read more…