The Foundation of Fear

by:  Gio Lopez

Alright I’ll admit it: I don’t fully trust God with my future.  Phew, what a relief to get that off my chest.


It’s strange – though the vast majority of Christians I’ve ever met in life can empathize with fearing the future, I have found it rare for people to admit the root of their fears: a lack of faith. Read more…

Photo Shoot

by:  Jay Sevilla


1, 2, 3, click! Smile! Say cheese!
It was almost 8 years when I started a hob- by of taking pictures. I got interested when my wife and I had our pre-nuptial photo shoot. From learning your subjects and incorporating them with their background; I say, it’s not that easy. Read more…

The Small Things

By:  Shiela Bernardo
Do not let the small compromises chip away at the structure of your integrity. This put things in perspective for me. Sometimes we may find ourselves justifying what we may think to ourselves as harmless misconduct. Even if you label your actions as trivial or insignificant, it will eventually weigh you down.

Read more…


By: Pastor Daniel Vaughan
This past week was such a blessing to be able to go to Texas and celebrate my brother’s graduation and visit with longtime friends; however, in my eyes it didn’t start off to well. It was late Friday night (June 19
th) that I got the news that my flight the next morning from Baltimore to Dallas was canceled. Read more…

Wake up: The Importance of a Strong Prayer Life

By:  Eric Ladson
“….stay here and keep watch with me”
Matthew 26:38
That’s from our Lord Jesus Himself.  He wanted the inner-circle disciples (Peter, John and James) to join Him as He prayed at the midnight hour in the Garden of Gethsemane.  What did Jesus find after He returned from praying?  He found the very elect, inner-circle disciples fast asleep.  Jesus wanted to teach an important spiritual law in practice…the Law or Principle of Agreement (Unity).  Along with praying, being in agreement with the saints increases the power of our prayers. Read more…