Clear The Clutter

By: Glen Manio
It’s a snowy winter day, and I find myself playing outside and stuffing snow down my brother’s back. Well, that was before. Before there were things like Netflix, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook. Now on snowy winter days, I find myself binge-watching One Tree Hill and Friday Night Lights while feasting on some avocado toast (life-changing). Read more…

Who Is In Control?

By: Ria Lucindo

My family recently had a weekend trip to New York City. My husband and I deliberated whether to drive around the city, spend most of the time in traffic and pay ginormous parking fees. Or whether to be adventurous, park the van at the hotel and take the subway with three kids around the city. Read more…

Where Does My Help Come From?

By: Cheri Adams
I can’t do all this; I just can’t. I can’t juggle all of this.” These words came out of my mouth, as I dissolved into tears at the kitchen table. My husband had just come home from another night of working on a project at the church. He probably wished he had stayed there because I was a mess. Read more…

Work is a Blessing!

by:  Pastor Jessie Arce
I just came back from the Philippines for the dedication of International Soo Jung Mission Center, a ministry dedicated to the Overseas Filipino Workers/Investors and to their families. For less than two weeks, my wife Mercy and I were moving from one place to another, passing well known traffic roads in Metro Manila, attending meetings after meetings, watching the construction of the center and making sure that it will be prepared on time for the dedication on June 4. Read more…

A Child’s Mind

By:  Shiela Bernardo 
I was watching how excitedly our toddler wanted to play with her new toy. She laid out all the colorful mega blocks on the floor and stacked up a few single blocks into a vertical line and called it a castle. It was very simplistic but she took pride in what she had created. She asked us to play with her. So we jumped at it eager to come up with something more sophisticated than a straight line to excite her imagination.