Goal Setting for the New Year

When you mark the beginning of something, you want to do it right. For me, I wanted to hone in on how to properly set goals for the year. A goal is an idea of the future or desired result that a person envisions, plans and commits to achieve. But a goal without a plan is only a dream. Read more…

On My Own But Not Alone

Kill Perfectionism

Clock’s Ticking

By: Shiela Bernardo

Don’t we act sometimes like we have all the time in the world? Think of the ways we’ve wasted away our days doing nothing, or something you’re regrettably aware has no value. We allow laissez-faire mindset, unwilling to steer our actions with intention. And the days slip away from our hands and we’re no better for it, not an inch closer to our life’s goals. Read more…

Reality Check

By:  Ria Lucindo 
It’s February. We just watched the Superbowl and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Winter will soon phase out and the anticipation for spring is slowly starting to build up. It is the perfect time to ask, how is your New Year’s resolution coming along?