A Tribute To Nanay (Mother)

by:  Cecil Zaballero
We celebrated Mother’s Day last Sunday.  I was so surprised that until Monday at work people were still greeting each other a Happy Mother’s Day.  I don’t ever remember Mother’s day so special like this before.  But I am glad because I get to benefit from it as well. Read more…

Long-Term Commitment

By: Shiela Bernardo
Commitment is not a one-and-done deal. There are many goals we pursue that don’t take overnight to achieve. The caveat of a long-term commitment could be likened to a match that sparks a flame; it burns brightest on the outset. And then it dims to embers until the light is eventually snuffed out.

Read more…

Traffic Light

By:  Elder Mike Agreen 

We’ve all been there. That busy intersection you go through five or more times a week. You may think about it as you prepare to leave the house, or as your trip approached the dreaded light, hoping you’ll catch it at just the right time so as not to have to wait too long. The anxiety of this event is even greater if you are running late. Read more…

Reality Check

By:  Ria Lucindo 
It’s February. We just watched the Superbowl and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Winter will soon phase out and the anticipation for spring is slowly starting to build up. It is the perfect time to ask, how is your New Year’s resolution coming along?