Conflict with Your Child

Every parent has their own plight of dealing with disciplining their child. We get frustrated with a display of bad attitude. It doesn’t matter whether they’re a toddler or a teenager – it’s inevitable that we go through these rough patches. As our child grows up, we also grow alongside them in the testing of our character. Read more…

Financial Peace

It seemed far-fetched for my husband and me to feel peace about our personal finance at one point in our lives. When our household income was significantly reduced during the global financial crash of 2008, we continued on a standard of living we could no longer afford. We precariously operated in denial until we hit the wall. And I remember the feeling of defeat permeating, paralyzed by our circumstances.

Wake up: The Importance of a Strong Prayer Life

By:  Eric Ladson
“….stay here and keep watch with me”
Matthew 26:38
That’s from our Lord Jesus Himself.  He wanted the inner-circle disciples (Peter, John and James) to join Him as He prayed at the midnight hour in the Garden of Gethsemane.  What did Jesus find after He returned from praying?  He found the very elect, inner-circle disciples fast asleep.  Jesus wanted to teach an important spiritual law in practice…the Law or Principle of Agreement (Unity).  Along with praying, being in agreement with the saints increases the power of our prayers. Read more…