Expect Delays Ahead

By: Elder Larry Dela Cruz
OH NO! Those are the words that generally come out of my mouth when I am driving and suddenly see signs that say ‘Expect Delays Ahead.’ I dread seeing the red brake lights of all the cars ahead as I approach them. Of course, those two words are accompanied by grumbling, murmuring, random body movements and any other way I can express my frustration. My wife tells me that I completely transform to a different person every time it happens (sort of like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde).

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By: Pastor Daniel Vaughan
This past week was such a blessing to be able to go to Texas and celebrate my brother’s graduation and visit with longtime friends; however, in my eyes it didn’t start off to well. It was late Friday night (June 19
th) that I got the news that my flight the next morning from Baltimore to Dallas was canceled. Read more…