The Foundation of Fear

by:  Gio Lopez

Alright I’ll admit it: I don’t fully trust God with my future.  Phew, what a relief to get that off my chest.


It’s strange – though the vast majority of Christians I’ve ever met in life can empathize with fearing the future, I have found it rare for people to admit the root of their fears: a lack of faith. Read more…


By:  Shiela Bernardo
In the last three weeks, we have started a church-wide fasting campaign to last a full five weeks. We are to be in prayer about growth in our personal lives, in our family, church, and community. Fasting is a spiritual exercise that necessitates stripping off what you are accustomed to; to trade it for time spent seeking God. It is when revelations come, when breakthroughs occur. Read more…