Stop Getting Distracted

Have you started something that you didn’t finish? They come in many forms like half-baked so-called big ideas, piled-up chore work, daunting projects on hold, and so on. The road that leads to indecision is paved with many works-in-progress. I stared at a dozen unfinished articles and knew that I let them sit undone because I came up with a different idea – a better one. Or so I thought (and thought and thought…) Read more…

Long-Term Commitment

By: Shiela Bernardo
Commitment is not a one-and-done deal. There are many goals we pursue that don’t take overnight to achieve. The caveat of a long-term commitment could be likened to a match that sparks a flame; it burns brightest on the outset. And then it dims to embers until the light is eventually snuffed out.

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Small Steps

By: Shiela Bernardo

We all want to improve ourselves. And what better way to do that than to adopt a good habit. Consistency is key. But consistency is hard. Sometimes I do beat myself up that I couldn’t keep up with what I’ve set out to do.

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God’s Great Love

By:  Ava Cabalza

One of my kids want to serve our country. The first time he told us, I bawled like a child, thinking about what might happen and how worried I would be every time he’s gone. I asked him not to go. He asked, “If not me, then who?”. I quickly replied, “Someone else’s kid”. I didn’t think of how selfish that sounded, I just wanted my child to be safe. 

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Challenges And Changes

By: Ria Lucindo
I recently met a high school friend of my husband. Even though I have known my husband since 4th grade, he moved to another school during our freshman year. I didn’t see or hear from him for four years. So, it was entertaining to hear his friend’s stories of their adolescent adventures. It was like hearing some of the same stories my husband would tell me but from another point of view. To some tales, I would exclaim, “He’s still the same!” and to some, “I cannot even believe we’re talking about the same person.” Read more…