Are You A Part-time or Full-time Follower of Jesus?

By: Melissa Vaughan
Are you an unashamed, unabashed follower of Christ or do you sometimes conveniently leave your faith at the door depending on the circumstance? Do you struggle with being a “Follower of Christ?” I don’t know about you, but being in the military, I interact with people on a day-to-day basis who live their lives as though faith in God does not exist. Yes, I work with other believers, however, what happens on Sunday morning makes little to no difference in what goes on the other six days of the week. Being a follower of Christ is a difficult task, but God never meant it to be easy. He wants you and me to rely on Him in any and all circumstances fully. Read more…

Foremost or For Most?

By:  Lara Dela Cruz


Take a second, step back, and examine your life. Look closely at every detail and aspect of every thought, word, and action. Is God foremost in your life? Or is He there just for most of your life?