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Student Ministry 

The GSBC Youth Group, also known as DownPour Student Ministry exist to provide every student in our community the chance to clearly view and respond to the gospel in their language that teaches them to sustain a walk with God. We wish to create an atmosphere for middle and high school students which will rally students to pour down love.  
(For our students)
D – Devoted 
O – Outreach
W – While 
N – Nourished 
(For our leaders)
P – Partnered
O – Overseeing 
U – Using 
R – Relationships

Ministry Team

Student Pastor
Pastor Carlos Xavier
Student Ministry Leaders
Glen Manio
Jim Rakitsky
Gio Lopez 
Lara Dela Cruz


Unleashed is a mission minded program that looks to unleash the reality of God in one’s life.  This program will have the Gospel presented in it many times throughout the course of the year.  It includes games and activities for the first hour then gourd into out worship hour where our student worship team leads in praise and worship, announcements are given, then broken into our Life Source Groups and back together in large group for our main teaching.  Unleashed meets every Friday from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Life Source Groups 

Life Source Groups are our discussion groups that looks to reveal to the students what the true source is in living a life that glorifies God through a conversational format.