Solid Foundation

Luke 6:49 “…but the one who hears (Jesus’ words) and does not do them is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. When the stream broke against it, immediately it fell, and the ruin of that house was great.”
Throughout my Christian life, I thought I had a solid foundation. I knew there were a couple of things (at very least) which I chose not to think about and I bought into reasons to dismiss them.
The first was suffering that comes by way of sacrifices for his kingdom and that which is used for spiritual growth. I already had more than my fair share of suffering in my youth and didn’t want anymore.
The second was wanting to be successful and doing whatever it took to have a little piece of the American dream. While I had convictions about some of my choices to achieve this, I dismissed them as well.
It looked like I had a solid foundation because I was the first one in church on Sunday and the last to leave, played on the worship team which required much preparation every week, raised children who were active in their youth group and was faithfully married for twenty-five years. And like everyone else in our fellowship, every week of the year, for 20 years, I was fine. But that was before the storm came, the waters rose and brought the house down like there was no foundation whatsoever.
My storm was finding out that my wife didn’t love me – the unexpected outcome of several years of marriage counseling. Self-pity and hopelessness filled my heart, and I came to realize that so much of what I had made important in life didn’t matter at all. Slowly but surely, I hardened my heart against God and turned to the pain reliever of my youth, drugs, and alcohol, to deal with my bitterness, emptiness, and loneliness.
I didn’t stop my downward spiral until I lost everything – family, friends and financial security. I reached the point where I had nothing left and nothing to offer. It was at this point that God made His presence known, even though I had not sought him.

God made His presence known, even though I had not sought him.

Instead of experiencing the condemnation that I deserved, I experienced his love, forgiveness, and hope. I knew the only thing standing in the way of a renewed life was truly trusting Him with my life, not just an intellectual acknowledgment of trusting Him, but trusting Him by faith for all the consequences I would face and for how I was to serve him.
While I deeply regret my rebellion and all of the consequences, I am thankful for what Jesus has done in my life through these things. I was given over to sin, that I might come to know that I am utterly sinful and that His love, mercy, and grace are the most precious things in the world. They turn our hearts towards Him and enable us to live by faith in him alone, producing obedience that builds a truly solid foundation.
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MARK BALASA has a deep love for God and finds much joy in sharing experiences with people from all walks of life. He is self-taught in three careers; rental property maintenance, personal chef and machining where he is currently a quality engineer for a spinal implant company.

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