Small Group Testimonies

“Praise be to God that studying the Bible brought me to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and that personal relationship with Him.The regular weekly Bible study has a big role in that, because I get to study with other matured believers. I get answers for my questions from their spiritual knowledge and wisdom and get encouragement from their spiritual journeys and testimonies. As iron sharpens iron so are believers sharpening other believers through this study group. It also helped in developing each one’s teaching skill and speaking confidence as we take turns leading and facilitating the study weekly.
Having been a part of a weekly Bible study group for almost 20 years also brought a sense of family in our life here in the US. With our immediate close families living halfway across the globe, we can easily get depressed here in the US, especially during Christmas season. But having a small group to come together and fellowship together on a weekly basis makes us feel at home right here.
You look forward to study the Bible together and share a meal with everyone on Friday nights. It seemed to be already built in our body system and habits that we feel something is missing if ever we need to skip a Bible study gathering for any valid reason. It also helped in bringing out each family’s hospitality and generosity as we take turns hosting the venue for the weekly Bible study. We also developed a caring heart for each other as we pray for each other’s burdens and support each other’s needs.
As the timeless saying goes (with some addition); “The spiritual family that studies the Bible and prays together, stays together (20 years and counting).” – Larry Dela Cruz, 49
“My favorite part is being able to speak openly about God and to fellowship with others who share the same faith. Being one of the younger ones, I look up to the young professionals. It’s a place where I can be comfortable sharing and listening to everyone free of judgment.” – Lara Dela Cruz, 21
“I feel really comfortable with everyone in the group and they’re all really supportive and helpful with everything. Small group literally brought me to having a relationship with God.” – Kasey Flynn, 20
“The best thing with the small group is knowing the concerns of everybody and praying with them as one, [as well as] rejoicing in every answered prayer and helping each other in times of need – just like a family. The Word of God binds us together.” – Enoi Dela Cruz, 49
“I am excited whenever there’s small group. I look forward to see and hear from the group, especially when we get to the sharing time and I see that everybody embraces authenticity. This paves the way to a genuine and engaging discussion that refreshes me spiritually.” – Shiela Bernardo, 34
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“My favorite part about the small group would probably be the honesty. I don’t feel any expectations to appear like a saint. And I can fearlessly show my genuine self with mess and all. Following that same thought of acceptance, I also believe the people in small group have enough love not to withhold honest corrections on anyone’s sinful or unwise behavior.” – Gio Lopez, 20