Small Group Feels Like Family

We’re not meant to navigate life alone. We flourish when we have meaningful relationships around us. Church is a wonderful place to look for a caring support system. But sometimes, it’s easy to feel like you are flying under the radar and could quietly fade away in a crowd. And it is unfortunate that for some, the church doors are taken for spinning turnstiles that allow people to just walk in and out, without tangible life change. But there’s surely more to it than that. The antidote to feeling disconnected is to become part of a small group! It promotes a close-knit sense of belongingness. Your presence counts. It feels like family, but it transcends the linear definition of family by blood or legal bonds.

What is a small group? It’s a group of people that come together on a recurring basis, usually weekly, and they share life together. The relationships formed in this manner reinforce the concept of kinship through shared values and beliefs.

Here are some of the things you can expect in a small group:

  • Everyone is acknowledged, regardless of where they are in their spiritual walk. We can all learn from the array of experiences represented by each person from different phases of life.
  • Know clearly which things are shared with confidentiality, and relay them only to God in prayer.
  • Some are talkers while some are natural listeners. Don’t force transparency if they are not ready for it.
  • Always steer through the challenges of life through the lens of the Word of God, and not your own subjective personal opinion
  • Friction may happen but we offer grace to one another other.
  • Small group is meant for outreach, to bring people together and get connected.
  • The group ideally needs to breakout and multiply when you reach a certain maximum number. 
Small group is life changing. There is an overflow of unconditional, non-judgmental support for one another. Relationships carry over outside of the group meetings, forming life-long friendships and accountability. Whether you are single or married, young or old, or anything in between, being part of the small group yields many benefits. Be part of one now and see people in a whole new set of light.
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