Verse of the Day 10/24/2021

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. — Proverbs 9:10 (NIV)

Bible Study

By: Jay Sevilla

We are having a Bible study in our house tonight. Would you like to join?” Believe me, you will get the weirdest excuses you’d ever hear in your life coming from those who just aren’t interested. How many books have you studied in your entire life? From kindergarten to college, you have probably studied conservatively 4 books per year or maybe 10 books per semester. Remember those thick, heavy textbooks of modern chemistry in high school? And now, Facebook?! But let me ask you this question… Have you studied the Bible? Some may have read it from cover to cover but did they get really deep into it?


Seasons Of Time

By:  Shiela Bernardo
There are things that only seasons of time can give clarity to. The outlook we held when we were younger could only develop with padded stratum of life experiences that lend us more wisdom and grace. How you feel in your 20’s about certain matters wouldn’t exactly remain the same in your 30’s. It constantly evolves. It changes drastically. And in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and so on – each chapter is a different story altogether.


Lifestyle of Worship

by:  Elder Mike Agreen


As an Elder of GSBC, I have the privilege and honor to oversee our praise team, One Desire. A few months back, I arrived a few minutes late as they were finishing up a devotional session. They graciously asked me to join in as they continued their discussion.


Truth & Discipleship


By: Eric Ladson
What is truth?  According to John 14:6 Jesus is the truth.  Jesus, as the incarnate Word of God (John 1:1) is the source of all truth.  As the truth in living form Jesus aimed to transform man’s sin nature into the same truth that was in Him through discipleship.  Jesus often gave those around Him the disciple test.  


Reality Check

By:  Ria Lucindo 
It’s February. We just watched the Superbowl and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Winter will soon phase out and the anticipation for spring is slowly starting to build up. It is the perfect time to ask, how is your New Year’s resolution coming along?



By:  Shiela Bernardo
In the last three weeks, we have started a church-wide fasting campaign to last a full five weeks. We are to be in prayer about growth in our personal lives, in our family, church, and community. Fasting is a spiritual exercise that necessitates stripping off what you are accustomed to; to trade it for time spent seeking God. It is when revelations come, when breakthroughs occur.


Cast Your Cares On God

By: Pastor Jessie Arce 
Let us pray” – Ready to lie down on our bed, my wife Mercy and I will hold hands together and start to pray. We pray in audible voice, the other one agreeing by saying ‘Amen’. We pray alternately for the many concerns and issues of our church. We pray for those who are in need of healing, in need of spiritual strength & restoration, in need of relational blessing, in need materially, as well as pray for the salvation of people.


Prioritize Prayer

By:  Shiela Bernardo 
Mornings bring certain clarity. We wake up in hopeful anticipation that today is going to be a good day. When we consciously start it with prayer, we acknowledge that we could go past our limitations and exercise faith in the infinite power source that enable us to accomplish more.


In God’s Perfect Time (A Testimony)

By:  Ava Cabalza
I never really bothered to know God as much as I desire now, although, there is that constant urge to do so. I grew up with the conviction that as long as I know that He is my God and my Savior, then I am better off than most. That is, until such time when going to church became a part of a routine I dreaded on Sundays.


Word War

By:  Ria Lucindo

Mother scolding a naughty child at play.

       As I was hurriedly getting my kindergartner ready this morning, screams and grunts are audible just about anywhere in the house. I mentally prepared myself for the battle ahead before I even got out of bed.



by:  Shiela Bernardo
There are so many things that I want to accomplish in my life. Maybe it takes a lifetime of work to see myself succeed in the way that I have envisioned. When I look behind, I see the prominent trailing of failure that follows me up to this point.


What Does Christmas Look Like To You?

By: Shiela Bernardo


The festive, colorful bright lights

The soothing ambience of the cool breeze of air

We take off on vacation and plan our travels

The yearning of the heart to connect and bond with family

The smiles of children, their excitement and gratitude for the gifts that they open


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