On My Own But Not Alone


Question. How do you eat an elephant? Answer. One bite at a time. What if all you see is how vast its size, how tensile its flesh and your mind cannot even comprehend how you will finish it all? What do you do? Still. One bite at a time. Even if it’s just you. Yes, even though you feel you are on your own. You move on. You keep on keeping on…

But your flesh has a mind of its own. You tell yourself it’s going to be ok, but inside you are afraid. You doubt yourself. Can you really make it? Can you really do it all? You start seeing the natural again. Three growing girls who needs your constant attention, a full-time job with a major project due for implementation, surmounting bills to pay, a house that requires upkeep, a childhood dream you decided to pursue, a side election project you got involved with, a birthday party to host, a Securities license exam to pass, dishes to wash every day, laundry to finish every week, volleyball practices and games to attend to, a blog to write. All these take up space in your brain. On top of it all, life always seems to throw you a curveball! Can you really do it all?
But there is this voice that keeps on saying you can do it. And it gets louder and louder each morning. As you seek His face, as you read His Word, as you talk to Him, His grace and mercy abound. The spirit man gets stronger and stronger each day. You find yourself saying ‘I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.’ You don’t see how big the elephant is anymore. You get up. You roll your sleeves and get down to business. You begin seeing all the help coming your way, God’s angels. You may not have all the answer, but you know Someone who does.

You may not have all the answer, but you know Someone who does.

Every day we hear two voices. One that says you can’t do it and just give up. The other says you can because I am doing it through you. Whose side are we on? I choose the latter. I may think or feel I am on my own but the truth is, I am not alone.
Every day is a choice. Today, I focus my eyes on that one thing I can do at this moment. Today, I just do it and not succumb to the worries of life. Today, I choose God.
I can do all this through him who gives me strength.” – Philippians 4:13

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