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Music is an explosive expression of the soul. It is abstract, and you cannot fully grab hold of its profound effects, but you marvel at knowing that it is truly a gift from God.  
“Music is the divine way to tell [of] beautiful, poetic things [from] the heart.”
– Pablo Casals


God has created all of us with different tastes and preferences. Even our church reflects this diversity. And we are gifted with a music ministry that shows a variety of style. The band, One Desire, leads our praise and worship mostly with contemporary Christian songs. The Quartet professes their love for God through hymns. The Choir ministers by blending varying vocal ranges.  Each group expresses their music differently, creating distinctive rhythm and melody. But their message is clear and their recipient is but One.


Although singing in front of people is no easy feat, much of the work lies heavy on the responsibility of leading the congregation to worship. It is not just about singing in harmony, but more so about being in-tune with Him. The teams understand that it is not about giving a performance, but about pouring their hearts out to God, and leading the church to do the same.

Music Teams

One Desire
Poala Ramos
Lara Dela Cruz
Zeke Dela Cruz
Josiah Arce
Glen Manio
Old Flames
Pastor Jessie Arce
Mike Agreen
Gail Agreen
Dave Kraft
Cheri Atoms
Billy Graw
Choir Director
Gilbert Wong
Franz Wong
Brandon Graw
Billy Graw