Make Room For Jesus

by: Eric Ladson


In this holiday season, we might have more worries about finding the perfect gifts and less concern of making room for our Savior, Jesus.  Since Jesus knocks at our hearts daily, let us examine if there’s space for Him.  There are frantic preparations made for holiday celebrations but are we preparing ourselves to simply tell Jesus, “There’s no room here”?  Where can Jesus rest and dwell within us?  

Our Home Office (Occupation)
Are we letting Jesus control the legacy we leave on display?  What are we known for around the workspace?  Gossiping, wasting company time or simply raking in the benefits and perks of having a job aren’t ways to honor Jesus and His sacrifice for us.  
Our Home Theater (Entertainment)
Do you and God decide what you read, watch, and listen to?  As Christians we should be careful to honor God with what feeds our thoughts and guides our desires.  Gaming, sports and variety shows shouldn’t take a stronger priority in our life than fellowshipping with God. 
Our Dining Room (Desires)
As Christ followers we must be able to make this bold statement: “Jesus, I only want what You want so don’t give me anything I’m asking for that I shouldn’t have.”  Desires, especially sinful ones, take up the space that Jesus deserves in our hearts. 
Our Living Room (Friends)
Who do you spend time with and open up to?  Is God the center of discussion?  Sharing Jesus with others is part of our responsibility as we strive to make more believers.  Don’t grieve God with idle talk and behavior. 
Our Attic, Closet, Basement (Hidden Things)
We hardly try to find space for Jesus here.  Why would we place Him in these inconvenient spaces?  We throw our “just in case I need it again” items here: old clothes we can no longer fit, car seats, etc.  Have we hidden old sins like unforgiveness, lust or furry in these spaces?  God came to defeat these and many other issues in our lives.   We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be bound by strongholds that separate us from God’s fellowship.  

He’s Here With Us

Where can we make room for Jesus?  This is what should make us frantic and be the source of our busyness.  Ask Jesus to help you get rid of everything in the spaces of your hearts that are offensive and displeasing to Him.  Let’s make Jesus comfortable in our lives since we are to be living temples for Him to dwell.  


First Corinthians 6:19 says it this way: Do you not know that your body is the temple (the very sanctuary) of the Holy Spirit Who lives within you, Whom you have received [as a Gift] from God? 


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  1. Jessie Arce says:

    Great Devotion Eric, a great imagination and illustration of “There’s No Room for Jesus”

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