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 Ladies’ Ministry

You will find a healthy dynamic of women with varying ages participate in the ladies’ Bible study group. We’re all in different phases of our lives, and each one can learn from and relate to the other. We have the privilege of collectively praying for the specific concerns and issues that women face. We can gain strength as a group, especially as we seek to grow closer to Jesus who is the glue that holds our world together.


What does a healthy women’s ministry look like? Women’s Ministry Facilitator Fatima Rowley responded by saying that it is composed of a group of women who are hungry for God’s Word and for authentic fellowship.


Some of the activities we take part in include a weekly Bible Study, monthly birthday fellowship and prayer, an annual women’s conference, among others. Our projects recapitulate the objectives of the ministry:

(1)   To grow deeper in the Word of God

(2)   To experience victory in our daily battles

(3)   To develop deeper relationship with each other in the body of Christ

(4)   To offer support system to one another

(5)   To equip oneself to be used by God


Though this used to be a semi-provisional ministry, those who get involved understand full well that there is a real need for this type of supportive environment.  It makes a difference when you are plugged in. There is a sense of belongingness and connection, mainly to assure you that you’re not alone in this journey.


When going through a study, the lessons target individual circumstances, yet there is also a common message that everyone picks up. This, in turn, brings us together as we further dissect insights during our sharing time. The different perspectives look like a kaleidoscope of experiences that are webbing together to tell of God’s faithfulness in both the simple and complex backdrop of life.  



Weekly Activity: 

Ladies’ Bible Study
Every Wednesday
7:00 to 9:00 P.M.
GSBC Mission Hall

Contact Person:  

Women’s Ministry Facilitator
Fatima Rowley
(302) 753-5012