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Food & Fellowship Ministry 

Our service time happens to cross over lunchtime, and by then physical hunger sensations are undeniable. We hope that the congregation members have planned ahead and have had a bite earlier on. But for those who have not done so, our Food & Fellowship ministry team prepares a light meal to be freely shared by everyone.
We see how breaking bread together bolsters fellowship. And we have quality conversations as we sit down and talk intentionally to the person right next to you or in front of you while they eat. This easily beats the occasional greetings you’d give and get so quickly as you just pass each other by.

This weekly food fellowship encourages members to have a heart for service. You can bring your own special dish to share with everyone. But it’s not merely promoting “free food” after service. If you expand your view outwardly as to who could really benefit from this… You can invite to church a homeless person, a lonely widow or a family struggling to make ends meet – have them join our service, then have a sit down meal afterwards. We can meet both a spiritual and physical need all in the same day.  


Kitchen Volunteers

Julia Hopkins 
Mercy Arce
Phoebe Boundy
Jane Hopkins 
Florentino Ballon