Embracing Life’s Interruptions

by:  Eric Ladson

We experience them daily. Rush hour traffic, illness, engine trouble, financial setbacks, a needy family member, rude customers, broken relationships, wayward children and even death. These have visited just about all of us in some capacity and feel like unwanted and undeserved interruptions. What if God allowed these things to happen so that He could illustrate His love for the church?


Interruptions in our lives can become opportunities to exercise God’s divine love for mankind and His purpose to save the lost. Everything that occurs has a spiritual underlying, and God weaves it all into a perfect plan. “And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28). This means that persecution and suffering must also contribute to God’s overarching purpose to love and save us. He has overruled anything that attempts to destroy our lives.
Nothing in this life we live surprises an omniscient God. In our lives, we will lack temporal good, and it may feel devastating at times. However, there’s spiritual good and eternal good that God has designed to elevate us above everything that comes against us.

Everything that occurs has a spiritual underlying, and God weaves it all into a perfect plan.

As disciples, we should search our daily routines, recognize the hand of God at work and love like Jesus. Interruptions can usher us into God’s divine plans to provide love for us and others. Paul’s life is a great example of interruptions used to bring about blessings and deliverance to the lives of many. He was blinded, shipwrecked, beaten, stoned and imprisoned for the sake of ministry. He found himself content with knowing it was to provide God with a platform to reach the lost.
Jesus came to do the will of His father and demonstrated this by saving the lost through unconditional love and sacrifice. He suffered many interruptions throughout His ministry that were designed to take power away from sin and death and restore our relationships with His Father in Heaven.

Nothing in this life we live surprises an omniscient God.

Interruptions provide opportunities for ministry. People need to be loved, and that includes us. Look around at the many chances we are given to shine God’s light and share His love. It may be a person that recently cut you off in traffic, someone that has caused you great suffering and despair, or it could be a family member in need that doesn’t know Jesus and requires your attention and midnight prayers. These opportunities require the patience, perseverance, and grace we’ve been granted through suffering interruptions in our lives.
Let us embrace God’s permissible interruptions so we can focus on and take advantage of the many ministry opportunities He provides for us to love and be loved by others.
Has your life been interrupted and made you uncomfortable, broken and in despair? How can you turn this into an opportunity to love and be loved?

Heavenly Father, give me spiritual sight to see your perfect plan to use my suffering and brokenness to reach the lost. Help me to see Your hand at work in the interruptions of my life today that are giving me opportunities to share love and to accept Your love and the love of others in return. Give me a renewed boldness to share the good news of Your great love with everyone I come into contact with. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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  1. Jessie C Arce says:

    I agree, Great exposition of truth from the word of God. It is a principle all over the bible and it is logical, historical, and experiential. Praise God for you, Eric!

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