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The Communications ministry focuses on disseminating information to the congregation and the local community about the initiatives of GSBC. We use both web and print mediums as our platform to reach our audience so that they may have a preview of what our church is about and draw them into becoming a part of the family.
We are passionate about developing our craft, but even more passionate about serving God. If you would like to hone your skill or explore your interest in the areas of writing, photography, videography, graphics design and various forms of creative media, then join our team. The Communications Ministry is a new ministry that is postured to expand in scope, as it is targeted to be the central point of streamlining communication.
Our Mission is to REACH OUT. We administer tasks in this shared ministry and collectively take action to:
Inform – Our team creates and distributes the Sunday bulletins where we outline all key events and announcements. For text placement, please submit details of your event by EOD Friday to the Communications Ministry distribution group.
Invite – We maintain an online presence through the frequent update of the GSBC website. We also keep up with our social media presence through Facebook and Instagram to put out invitations and engage the community.
Inspire – We publish fresh weekly posts for the GSBC Reflection Blog that depicts the practicality of God’s Word by sharing our personal devotions and rendering its application in our daily walk.
Influence – We are mission minded and recognize that everyone needs Jesus. We minister to those who are in arm’s reach. And we also desire to go beyond the church walls and have the message of the Gospel spread out in many areas of the globe leveraging the Internet waves to bring us where we otherwise couldn’t physically reach. Our hope is that the work we do has a ripple effect far beyond what we could see.
If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering, please reach out to
Elder Mike at MRAgreen@GSBC.Church or Text “Word” to 302-205-0558.

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Communications Director
Ria Lucindo 
Ron Lucindo
Jim Rakitsky
Vanj Rakitsky
Lara Delacruz
Mike Agreen