Capture The Vision

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The Capture the Vision program has proven time and again that it is designed to raise money, but it begins at the point of spiritual renewal. If we are to make this fund-raising campaign a success, the place to begin is on our knees in prayer.
Our genuine hope is that GSBC, through Capture the Vision, will discover the adequacy of Christ. We also pray that we will accrue sufficient funding for ministries and facilities, that our fellowship will be strengthened and that our congregation’s vision for missions and evangelism will be renewed.
  • Build A Community Hub – Renovate the building to develop a multi-use facility that brings people together and underscores a healthy relationship with the community
  • Strengthen Local Missions & Outreach – Expand opportunities to serve others through programs that are geared toward meeting both physical and spiritual needs
  • Experience Biblical Generosity – Mirror God’s generous character and elevate your faith by giving as a result of a transformed heart
  • Discover Adequacy In Christ – Encounter an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, walk in obedience and have the full assurance that all your needs will be met
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