Burst Of Colors

By: Shiela Bernardo
I eagerly wake up to a 4 a.m. dreamland and the moment I open my eyes I know I can tap into a sacred epicenter and have a flood of ideas rush over me as I write. I have creative freedom to render the song of my soul into a form that seals in its essence. I feel so alive when I find myself doing what I yearn to do, even just for a few hours at the top of my day.
My mind is glued with an intense focus that somehow I feel I am not subject to the concept of time. I want to keep on going until I voluntarily choose to unplug my subconscious mind from the wave of inspiration that carries me away. But when the clock strikes at a certain point, it drastically and unremittingly shakes me out of my zone and pops the bubble of the dreamer as I’m reeled me back in to live another version of reality. It’s difficult to turn it off, but why do I turn it off when it’s time to get ready for work?
Our circumstances forced upon us the pragmatism that there are things we want to do, but can’t – because of the things we must do out of sheer responsibility. I don’t think it’s just me. But have you ever found yourself going through the motion, yet your heart is elsewhere? It’s crazy how the mood shifts and suddenly the overflowing inspiration fizzles out like pouring cold water into hot oil. This is unacceptable, and in fact, this should not be.

Have you ever found yourself going through the motion, yet your heart is elsewhere?

The energy that I see in the creative process is something that should transfer over into all the other areas of my life. I can’t look at one piece of my life with feats of crisp hues and brightness, but as soon as time dictates to go about my daily routine, it suddenly turns all gray. No! The passion, the power, the emotion, and the spirit that moved me to create something out of nothing should be the same driving force that turns my regular days into something special. The burst of color should spill over everywhere instead of being contained because guess what, life is not sorted out in containers. To live a full life means to take down its compartments. We don’t have to impose exclusivity for one area and dismiss all the rest. We should take ownership of the direction of every area of our lives and look at it as a whole. We live one life, and the plurality of its dimensions is tied into one bundle.
Society deems it cowardly to know what you want but not go after your dreams in full steam. But I believe that those who keep on going, though they feel conflicted and torn are the ones who are courageous. We don’t all have the luxury of dropping everything just to figure things out. We have to engage our spirit to find meaning and see the links and connections to all that we do. The necessary things versus the unyielding desires of the heart to pursue passion do not contradict each other.


We have to engage our spirit to find meaning and see the links and connections to all that we do.

For me, it’s no accident that I am supposed to report to work and get all my deliverables done and meet all my deadlines. I have to face the music. My inspiration for writing is not limited to sentences I jot down on paper or paragraphs I type in my word processor. Of course not. That love is something that could be translated in words toward my next conversation and my next scheduled meeting. I believe that when thought and intention intersect, that’s the point where you can influence the overall scheme of things. So strive to be consistent and purposeful in every situation. Find what moves you, and the discovery of what that may be will indeed move mountains for you.

Strive to be consistent and purposeful in every situation.

My passion will influence how beautifully and creatively I want to approach my days so that I live it, I breathe it, I walk in it as a reality through and through. It’s not just a 4 a.m. dreamland that only extends for a couple of hours. I may have to convince myself in the beginning and overcome internal struggle. But I will persevere to see it from a different set of lens to eventually find unison, as I let God breathe new life into all the minutes of my days.
“Enlarge the place of your tent, and let the curtains of your habitations be stretched out; do not hold back; lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes.” – Isaiah 54: 2
About The Author
Shiela Bernardo is the Communications Ministry Director for GSBC. She is inspired to write at the top of the morning before life & responsibilities rush in. She disguises as a Computer Developer/Programmer at a 9-5 job. And comes home to a happy family with her husband, a toddler, and a pitbull. She loves audio books, journaling, blogging. And is perpetually mystified by how people keep their house clean

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    Amazing writing! Thanks for sharing your creativity with the world for Him.

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