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Building & Grounds Ministry

We have been blessed with a property we can all gather in together. This ministry performs God’s work by ensuring that the building and grounds are kept safe, well maintained and in good operating shape. It takes a village, in this case, a God’s community at GSBC to take care of the church facilities.  The upkeep and maintenance of it calls for periodic seasonal workdays, as well as weekly scheduled rotation of teams of dedicated individuals who can collectively carry out the large task at hand. God honors your heart to serve at any capacity.  And we can really use varying skill levels from the administratively-gifted task inventory checker, to the systemically organized, meticulous clean-type, to the handyman, the green thumb gardeners, the weekend warriors and many more! 


The Must-Dos:Safety Issues, Fire Prevention, Security, County Codes, Infrastructure Repair (HVAC, electrical, Plumbing, Gutters, Water Leaks, Door Hardware), Utilities

The Good-To-Dos: Painting Projects, Clutter Control, Appliance Maintenance

The Would-Be-Nice-To-Dos: Renovations, Playground, Athletic Field Construction (Basketball court, Volleyball court)

Building & Grounds Deacon
Ed Adams 

Project Managers Needed!

  • New Social Hall Managers
  • New Kitchen Manager
  • Front Landscaping Project Lead (Street Sign Area, Driveway Entrance)
  • Mulch Coordinator
  • Landscaping of Strip Between Lots A & B
  • Future Basketball Court Project, Initial Budget and RFP Work

Building Use