About The Student Pastor

It is evident that Pastor Daniel Vaughan has the heart to minister to students, having been called to serve at fifteen years old. He has overcome deeply rooted familial issues that created turbulence during his teenage years. An obvious pattern of sin encased their family line, passing on from father to son. Thankfully, what would have been a generational curse was turned into a generational blessing, as both he and his father have become followers of Christ and are now serving as pastors.  
In hindsight, it was a divinely appointed crossroad linking him to a depth of experiences that prove relevant to the unique challenges that face our youth today. God has pronounced a season of character building for Pastor Daniel during a critical, impressionable age. And at nineteen, he was able to fully surrender to God’s call for his life to be in full-time service. Now, he could effectively provide comfort to those in any trouble with the same comfort that he has received from God.
Pastor Daniel is a life-long student of The Word. He is currently taking his Masters in Divinity at Liberty University. Beforehand, he served in diverse capacities and gained wide exposure to numerous facets of church work during his internships. In 2008 he worked at Deep Creek Baptist Church (Chesapeake, VA) for two terms, then in 2010 at Eagle’s View Church (Saginaw, TX), and finally in 2012 at Healing Water Bible Church International (HWBCI), which would later merge with Good Shepherd Baptist Church (GSBC), both located in Bear, DE.  God had brought him into a different mix of church sizes, demographics, dynamics and demands – all of which, contributed to his growth to become a well-rounded leader.  
Pastor Daniel brings high energy and creativity to the student ministry of GSBC, as he currently serves as its full-time student pastor. He’s also taken a seat as one of the first elders of GSBC. He was the main author of the newly amended constitution and by-laws of the church. And being the team-oriented leader that he is, he’s been able to groom a director for the children ministry.  
Pastor Daniel is married to Mary Grace, and they have two children: Kyleigh and David. They live in Middletown. 

Life Verse:

Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you. I will praise you as long as I live, and in your name I will lift up my hands. – Psalm 63:3-4