About The Senior Pastor

Pastor Jessie Arce’s outlook for kingdom work extends far and wide from what you see at  the moment. He is a natural sower, always faithful to plant seeds of faith today, and is equally patient to wait for the proper time of harvest. His very first church met under a tree. He started out his ministry serving the street children of the Philippines about thirty years ago. He assimilated into the communities of those he served and turned his house into a convertible church. Later, these humble venues produced a number of ministry workers committed to full-time service. He has led as the Youth president of a network of churches, to plug-in students into a base church. His outreach also included families broken apart by socio-economic circumstances.
In 1993, his entire family moved to Korea and considered it their mission field for fourteen years. His main focus was evangelical missions. He catered to the overseas workers who held contractual jobs and had left families back home. There was an inherent fluctuation in numbers in this church body, since the primary composition was transient in nature. He would plant the Word into their hearts and lift up their growth to God. There was an expanding sphere of influence with new faces streaming in, while other members are traveling back to their home countries – even some of them deciding to be pastors. And because of the uniqueness of this targeted ministry, there have been eleven churches planted across the Philippines, Korea and Hong Kong.
Senior Pastor (2of2)
In 2007, Pastor Jessie came to the United States along with his wife Mercy, and their three other children, Hannah, Eunice, and Josiah. They were reunited with their eldest daughter Mary Grace, who came a year earlier for college. Pastor Jessie was called to become the senior pastor of Healing Water Bible Church International (HWBCI), a Filipino-American church. He led the successful merger in 2013 of HWBCI with Good Shepherd Baptist Church (GSBC), an American church. He is a visionary leader for this flock and is calibrating the church to embrace diversity and be multi-cultural in nature to align with The Great Commission.
Holding true to his roots, he invests in the younger generation of the church, who would play a vital role to influence and integrate into the larger, inter-generational community. He brought in a full-time student pastor to fill the gap and diligently implement the vision.
Pastor Jessie has and will always have a mission-oriented heart overarching a worldwide scope. GSBC supports missions all over the globe.
Life Verse:  The One who calls you is faithful, and He will do it.
– 1 Thessalonian 5:24